Coticcio cove is a beautiful small beach on the Island of Caprera in the Maddalena archipelago in Sardinia, almost inaccessible by foot. Its crystal clear waters, tranquility and exclusivity are what inspire our illusion. If the first image of the extraordinary beauty of this beach and its exotic appearance will not take your breath away, we don’t know what will.


COTICCIO is a swimwear brand that follows the philosophy of one who first arrives to this cove. It represents the rewarded effort, fighting spirit and above all hard work. But it is all worth it if the goal is to enjoy what we have fought for.

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We are born of the idea of getting your goals, that the effort and dedication are the key to success. The hard work is what will take you where you set your mind to all those lost paradises that you always dream of escape. And besides, what you do with a bathing suit up to expectations. Design and quality are part of our DNA.

We tried to gather the essence of those seeking different places, fun places where sunlight merges with the stars and it seems time has stopped, entire nights with friends, mornings they know orange juice freshly squeezed and evenings to dream you never want to end up.

COTICCIO, is a brand of swimwear that comes from hard work and effort of three spirits and different lives that one day decided to join his ways. Some ways that speak of hard work, achievement and undertake risk. But also about shared experiences with friends, laughter, endless nights, sunny days and other snowy, hidden paradises, places to discover.

Three lives so different but united by the same illusion. Part of their lives are in this collection and hope that from today, also take yours.



Photografy: Dani Treco
Styling: Edurne Ruíz
Makeup: Carolina Rodríguez
Models: Gabriel GJ y Ainhoa Fernández

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